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“How Can We Dance While The Earth is Burning?”, 2020 - Festiva Art Souterrain 2022

 XR video mapping of the global map of fires (extracted at NASA in August 2020) on top of an ice Globe.

This video art gives visibility to the poetic but ominous relationship between fire and water in climate phenomena related to global warming.
"How Can I Dance While the Earth Is Burning" demonstrates the correlation between wildfires across the world, particularly in the Amazon and Pantanal, Brazil (which has been on the rise again since 2020), and the melting of the polar ice caps, an urgent issue for our global society contemporary.

The work acquires other layers of meaning through the choice of the title, which alludes to the song "Beds Are Burning" by Midnight Oil, which was created to criticize the removal of Aboriginal communities from their lands, just as it continues to happen with Brazilian indigenous peoples, direct victims of criminal fires in the Amazon.

Marcella França's photo-performance

"State of Flow - 2° Act" is a photo-performance exhibited as a polyptych artwork, 2020

This photo-performance was created mixing interactive live performance with virtual fluids, and digital water effect generated by a VFX software. 

"State of Flow",was extracted from the second act "Matter and Fluid", from visuality in a poetic and metaphorical way to the moment when we experience the state of flow, where the mind and body merge in perfect harmony and the mind it is taken by the body to the state of flow, in which only the present is lived, there is an unfolding of space / time consciousness.

Le Devenir chez Deleuze”, triptych, 2020

This photo-performance was created inspired by the Dialogue of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari on the concept of becoming of the body when it meets the aquatic environment and becomes part of it, in a metamorphosis of the becomes.

Tides/ Marés / Les Marées - XR Video Art, 2020

“Everyday Tides (there are tides that I think of you)”

"Tide / Maré", videoart, 2019

Digital videoart created on basis in a generative effect, made for VR and Fulldome exhibitions

"Inner movement / movimento interno" - Series of Video Arts and  photographies 

"Liquid Cloud II" - video art 2020

"Liquid Cloud" - Video Art, 2017

Marcella França photographic serie

"Narciso" - Polyptych

Determinada ("Will"), 2013

It relates the phenomena, movements and transformations of nature with the reality of human existence. The proposal pursues the Buddhist concept of the uniqueness of human beings and their environment. "Determined" is a metaphor for the daily struggle, a personification of the feeling of determination in the face of life's adversities, of the artist's tireless and eternal need to keep moving...
(Relaciona os fenômenos, movimentos e transformações da natureza com a realidade da existência humana. A proposta persegue o conceito budista de unicidade do ser humano e seu meio-ambiente. "Determinada" é uma metáfora da luta diária, a personificação do sentimento de determinação perante as adversidades da vida, da necessidade incansável e eterna da própria artista em se manter em movimento...)


Work carried out in animation and computer graphics. Dialogue between flow and trace.


Videoarte. Trabalho realizado em animacão e computação gráfica. Grafismos em movimento, diálogo entre fluxo e traço. 

Fenda, 2007


Intim Spaces, 2008

Serie of photography

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