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“How Can We Dance While The Earth is Burning?”, 2020 - Festiva Art Souterrain 2022

 XR video mapping of the global map of fires (extracted at NASA in August 2020) on top of an ice Globe.

This video art gives visibility to the poetic but ominous relationship between fire and water in climate phenomena related to global warming.
"How Can I Dance While the Earth Is Burning" demonstrates the correlation between wildfires across the world, particularly in the Amazon and Pantanal, Brazil (which has been on the rise again since 2020), and the melting of the polar ice caps, an urgent issue for our global society contemporary.

The work acquires other layers of meaning through the choice of the title, which alludes to the song "Beds Are Burning" by Midnight Oil, which was created to criticize the removal of Aboriginal communities from their lands, just as it continues to happen with Brazilian indigenous peoples, direct victims of criminal fires in the Amazon.

The Face Of The Rain - Selected for SAT FEST 2021, Montreal 

Performed and directed by Marcella França.

The Face of the Rain” is an fulldome immersive performance that talks about memory, the life cycle, and the concept of non-linear time through the realization that we are all born from water and become rain after our death. The artist Marcella França mixes contemporary dance and digital art, to offer a poetic experience about mourning. Her character tries to revive her father's presence interacting with the rain, and in this immersive emotional search, the artwork provokes the following questions:

- What is the face of the rain?

- Can the past and the present coexist in the same moment of life?

It’s a Long Way... - Video Dance, 2020

Video dance performance inspired in immigration and exile feelings on this COVID Age... 
Music: It's a long way - Caetano Veloso


“Bloody Rain ” - Video Performance, 2020

This video performance was inspired by the “dark rain” and “bloody moon” phenomenon that happened in Brazil last month caused by the Pantanal wildfires.

In this Performance, I let a “blood rain” cover all my female body with red drops as a trace of the deaths caused by nature’s devastation in my dress. I keep standing there to bear humanity's responsibility for the climate changes, global heating, and for all the ecosystem on Earth that is still been destroyed by the patriarchy.

Fluid - [2nd Act of Matter and Fluid]

Liquefying the body from the inside out

Digital Photography series of the performance Fluid, interacting with virtual fluids and liquifying generative VFX.



Video performance, 2020
Dancers' bodies Interacting with virtual fluids and liquifying generative VFX, building a dialog between matter and fluid, Apollonian versus Dionysian, shape versus power. The meeting reveals the paradoxes of the body, liquefying the body inside out. 

Matter - 1st Act Matter and Fluid”  2020. 

Photo performance series extracted from the first act of Matter and  Fluid  

"Liquid Soul" - Interactive multimedia performance with holographic projections, 2019

"Liquid Soul" - Interactive multimedia performance with holographic projections.

Performance created and directed by Marcella França.

Dancers: Marcella França, Alyne Alonso, Paula Alonso and Renata Gonzales.

Interactive technology developed by Naoto Hieda.

VJ by Daniel Biléu.

Curator by Caroline Meneses.

Comissioned by "Mais Performance International Festival", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016 / 2019.

"Plongée", Video Performance (video art), 2016

"Plongée" video art, produced for the projections of my ALMA LÍQUIDA interactive multimedia performance show, shown at "Mais Performance Festival 2016", Oi Futuro Ipanema, RJ, Brazil.

Conception, direction and editing: Marcella França

Ballerinas: Renata Gonzalez, Paula Alonso, Alyne Alonso

Music: Pedro Bernardes

Camera: Daniel Biléu

Latent, 2017

An entity of the feminine, asleep, and immersed in an amniotic liquid, like a Goddess dressed in words that represent the equality of genres always latent in our society...
Creation and performance: Marcella França
Camera: Daniel Biléu

Comfort Zone, 2016

Videoarte performance exhibited at "Festival Mais Performance 2016", Oi Futuro Ipanema, RJ, Brazil

Curator: Caroline Menezes
Creation and performance: Marcella França
Camera: Daniel Biléu

Comfort Zone I, 2012

Video performance

Criação e direção: Marcella França

Performer: Alair Ferreira

Liquid Dance, Video Performance ( video dance ), 2008

Creation: Marcella França

Dancer: Wagner de Faria.

Selected for the Festival Dança em Foco, 2009 at Oi Futuro.

1 second Movie: Liquide Dance

Digital media printed, 2008

Old Moviment, 2008

Video performance

Criação: Marcella França

Performer: Ana Carolina Luppi

Graffiti Dance, 2007

Multimedia Video Dance.

Project granted by Dança em Foco - Video dance International Festival.

Created with and for mobile media mixing graffiti in the street and dance.

Exhibited at OI Futuro, RJ, Brazil 2007

Janelas, video art, 2007

Optica Internacional Festival, Spain.


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